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Juan M. Alvarez is an internationally recognized authority on Feng Shui.  He dedicates a great part of his time to making people aware of the changes that are happening on our planet through his work with Feng Shui.   Prof. Alvarez has studied Feng Shui with Master Raymond Lo from Hong Kong; completed the Feng Shui Mastery Program (including Module IV) with Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai from Malaysia; and is a student disciple of Grand Master Thomas Lin Yun, creator of the Fourth Level of Feng Shui. Prof. Alvarez was a pioneer bringing the teachings of Feng Shui to South Florida and to Latin America.  He travels widely through North, Central America, South America and Spain, imparting the knowledge of Feng Shui. Read more about our founder here

Literally the word Feng Shui means Air-Water. A synonym for Feng Shui is “Geomancy,” although this term is more often associated with certain Arabic divinatory practices that spread throughout Europe during the Middle Ages. However, the word i. Geomancy was used by certain writers in the 18th century to refer to the art of Feng Shu. One of the most poetic definitions of Feng Shui comes from author and thinker, Stephen Feuchtwan:

“Knowing how to choose the correct place, at the perfect moment; the correct alignment with the directions of the Universe, combined with the efficient use of objects with mystical reverence, is harmony...is peace...is Feng Shui.

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