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The Schools of Feng Shui: The two main schools of Contemporary Feng Shui are: 

1. School of the Forms
2. School of the Compass

Within each school exists different methods and applications of the environmental art of Feng Shui.

Form School (Hsing-Shih) is also known as the School of Configurations, The Kanchow Method, and the Kiangsi Method. Compass School is also known as the School of Directions and Positions (Fang-Wei) and as the Method of Men, the Method of House and Homes and the Fukien School.

The methods of recognized Feng Shui Schools are based on the universal principles of harmony. The main objective of Feng Shui is to harmonize our surroundings with the universal creative force known as Chi.

Each year is made up of twelve months and during every month there are moments in which the force of Chi is vigorous and other times when this force is weaker. It is akin to human breathing. Knowledge of the rhythms and the polarities of the forces of Yin and Yang is fundamental in creating harmonious surroundings.

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